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The Corrections Literature Fund provides AA and Grapevine literature to jails and prisons in Area 75. Donations can be sent to Area 75 Treasurer, ATTENTION: Corrections Literature Fund, and mailed to Area 75 Treasurer, PMB #167, 5464 North Port Washington Rd., Glendale, WI 53217.

We are looking for men to go into Waupun prison at least once a month and women and men to go into Milwaukee county institutions and jails once a month. There are currently AA meetings for the incarcerated A.A.s. They are very grateful to have one meeting a week. Please contact Julie G., Area 75 Corrections Chair 608-434-7283 or  corrections@area75.org should you have questions or would like information on applying as a volunteer.

We are currently looking for sober males to carry the message into:

  • Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (Sunday 6pm)
  • Fox Lake Correctional Institution (Friday 6pm)
  • Rock County Jail

Sober females to carry the message into:

  • Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (Sunday 6pm)
  • Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional Center (Wednesday 7pm) ( Monday 6pm)
  • Milwaukee County Jail (downtown) (Thursday)

Incarcerated AA's are very grateful to be able to attend one meeting a week. Carrying the message keeps us sober and is a good way to give back, what was so "freely" given to us.

Pre-release Forms:

  • Pre-release form, for requesting an outside writer - for inmates. English - Spanish
  • Pre-release form - for outside volunteers. English - Spanish

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